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Chapter IX : Management Association :

  • Every document which would require the association is not a financial liability will not be valid unless signed by the chairman of the association and by at least one of the two vice- chairman and treasurer , along with stamped association .
  • Expenditure will not be allowed over the amount determined by the Executive Board , but signed by the treasurer and chairman of the association and signed by each of them alternately together with the signing of vice chairman. Signatures same stamp will be attached to the organization .

Institutions of the Association:

  • General Assembl
  • The association committee
  • The Association
  • The Audit Committee
  • Appointments
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Legal advisor
  • Admissions Committee and Ethics
  • Committee meetings and trainings
  • Election Committee
  • General Assembly

1 . The General Assembly is the supreme authority of the Association and includes all members of the association .

2 . Ordinary general meeting will be held once a year , after the completion of the annual audit of the association .

3 . Survival time and location of the meeting and the agenda shall be determined by the Chairman of the Board . Notice of the date and place of the meeting shall be given to members of the association at least 30 days before the date of the meeting .

4 . General meeting in extraordinary session , convened from time to time according to the committee 's request or upon request in writing of at least 10 % of the members of the association, or according to the request of the Audit Committee. General meeting according to this section will be called in by Yu " see the association within 30 days of the request. Not summoned the chairman of the meeting , will be seeking allowed its time for themselves and the organization will be obliged to give them their expenses in connection with the convening of the meeting and its existence.

5 . Agenda of the General Meeting, Extraordinary , shall be determined in accordance with the requirements of the body requesting the schemes.

6 . Chairperson shall chair the annual General Assembly and Extraordinary Meeting convened by the Executive Committee . Chairman General Meeting convened Extraordinary according requiring members to the association, the association shall be elected by the members present at the time beginning of the meeting .

7 . Decisions of the general meeting will be a majority of the participants normal , except for those decisions most of our policies requires another .

8 . Voting will be disclosed , except personal choice that will be secret . In case of secret votes , the Chairman shall appoint an Election Committee , at least three members .

Where :

Nine . General meeting will be open only if attended by at least 10 % percent of the members or at least fifty members , whichever is the lower number . This quorum was present at the opening of the meeting , the meeting may continue its deliberations and decisions , even if the number of those present .

10. Will not convene regular stated at the specified meeting will be postponed by one hour and will open in any number of participants. This will be adjourned meeting may decide to present and discuss , with any number of participants.

11th . Notwithstanding paragraph 2 ) above , at the end of time delay allowed the Board , with the agreement of most participants , adjourn the meeting for one week , the same place and the same time , without the need for additional invitation and adjournment This will be valid for all purposes any number of participants.

To the organization :

12 . The association committee shall be composed of 7 members, who shall be elected by secret ballot every two years at the General Meeting .

13 . Committee shall consist of the chairman of the association and from -6 more members the status of " friend" .

14th . Friend to be able to file his candidacy for another term in succession , provided that the number of successive periods not to exceed three.

15 . Committee shall be responsible for overall regarding our activities , in accordance with regulations for a term of office of the Board , and shall be entitled to decide on convening an extraordinary general .

16th . Proposed changes to the Rules will be distributed by the Board to the attention of all members of the association at least thirty days prior to the General Meeting .

17 . Committee shall manage the affairs of the Association and it shall have all power not reserved by law or these Articles of Associations General Meeting or other institution of the association.

18th . G. Development Committee , will moderate , will direct and supervise all the business of the Association and may appoint additional committees, teams , according to the needs he sees fit .

19 . Committee shall be the sole competent body regarding the cessation of , or the imposition of sanctions on a member of the association .

20 . If necessary, replace First Deputy Chairman of the chairman and the second deputy will replace the first deputy in office. As Deputy two new Chairman may appoint one member of the committee , all pending elections at the general meeting .

The Association

21 . The General Assembly elected chairman by secret ballot , every two years .

22 . The position of chairman of the association could be elected who is and the status "friend" at least a year .

23 . Who served as chairman for a full term of office , shall be entitled to nominate a second term in a row, after which the display can not apply for this position unless you have passed at least six years after the end of his second term .

24 . The Association shall, ex officio chairman of the association .

25 . Chairman will select members of the committee two members will be deputies .

26 . The Association shall appoint , in consultation with the members of the Board , Secretary , Treasurer , Attorney General, the Admissions Committee and Ethics Committee, conferences and trainings, Election Committee and other committees as needed. Chairman may determine the number of members of each committee and limit the time of operation ( temporary committees ) .

27 . The Association will establish and publicize among the members of the association the emphases in the activities in the program year .

28 . The agenda of the general meeting , the Chairman will take care to insert the following:

29 . Reports on the operations of the Association and its institutions.

30 . The association's financial report , to be submitted by the Treasurer .

31 . Organization of elections for the organization ( Llachshiidrs )

32 . Presenting institutions of the organization ( in the case of elections

33 . Discussion of proposals and requests of friends.

34th . Different

35 . The absence of the chairman , will replace the first deputy and shall have all powers of the Chairman . In case of retirement of the chairman before he finished his term , appointed first deputy chairman role until the next elections .

The Audit Committee


36 . The Audit Committee shall be two members from among the members of the association.

37 . The members of the Audit Committee shall be elected every two years , by secret ballot , as part of the general meeting.

38 . The committee will visit all financial and general operations of the organization . If found fit , it may occasionally share one of its members to the association meetings or any other committee , by prior arrangement with the chairman of that committee .

39 . The audit committee will present its findings , conclusions and recommendations to the General Assembly .

Secretary of the Association


40th . Every two years , will appoint a chairman from among the members of the association secretary .

41. Secretary of the Association will assist and supervise the execution of the organization committee decisions .

42 . The Secretary shall obtain copies of minutes of meetings of all committees of the Association and will coordinate hands all official documents published by the association.

43 . The Secretary will participate in meetings and meetings of the association to the admissions committee and ethics and will be responsible for recording the minutes of these meetings .

44 . The Secretary will coordinate requests from candidates will determine the date of accession and the convening of the admissions committee , in coordination with the Chairman of the Committee. Likewise manage the register of members the association .

45 . The Association may replace the secretary or restrict activities.

46 . The absence of the Secretary , the Treasurer will replace the organization .

Treasurer of the Association

47 . The Executive Board shall appoint a treasurer of the association of its members .

48th . Treasurer will coordinate hands all revenue and expenditure management of the association and its activities will be dictated by the committee.

49th . Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of annual dues .

50th . Every year , the Treasurer shall submit a financial report to the Audit Committee and chairman.

51 . Treasurer shall submit and present a financial report to the General Assembly , according to the agenda will be determined by the Chairperson .

Legal adviser


52 . The Executive Board shall appoint a legal advisor to the association.

53 . Attorney General advised the Executive Board on all matters relating to legal and lawful association activities . Without limitation , the attorney will direct the association's institutions to ensure that they operate in accordance with the regulations and will assist in the formulation and promotion of resolutions and bills in the Knesset and government institutions .

54 . Addition to the above , the attorney represented the organization in legal proceedings Stinkot or taken against her. This representation may be granted by the Attorney General himself or by external lawyers will work under the supervision of the attorney .

Admissions Committee and Ethics


55th . Committee will consist of two members appointed by the Chairperson .

56th . Meetings of the Committee shall be summoned by the secretary of the association , who shall be present at the meetings . Committee recommends Committee for the Association regarding joining or reject applications and connection for exceptions.

Committee meetings and trainings


57th . Every two years the chairman shall appoint three members of the committee meetings , and tutorials.

58 . The committee will be responsible for the organization of seminars, conferences , trainings and other events , she , or committee , initiating them.

59th . Doctrinal material and professional content to be transferred within the framework of the above seminars , in coordination with the Training Committee .

60 . The committee will report on its activities to the Chairman of the Association and copies of decisions and delivered to the Secretary of the association meetings .

Election Committee


61 . Every two years the chairman shall appoint three members , who are not candidates for elections , the election committee .

62 . Appointment will at least three months before the elections to the managing committee . Appointment of the Committee shall expire with the announcement of the new Executive Committee composition .

63 . The Committee will receive the agenda for the general meeting by the Chairman of the Association and shall appoint one of its members to conduct the election legally.

64 . The Committee shall formulate procedures and elections , will coordinate her hands the list of eligible voters , the candidate list , check the status of the candidates and give their candidacy in the elections in accordance with regulations .

65 . The Committee will be responsible for publishing the election results .


Notification friend

Invitation , request, notification and other notification of the association member shall be in writing delivered to him by hand, sending postal mail to the address recorded in the register of members or in an email to the email address registered in the register of members ; At the request of the member in the organization will change the registered address or e-mail address , as applicable, the register of members .

Assets of the organization

1. Assets of the organization and its income will only be used to realize the goals and prohibited the distribution of profits , in any way , among friends .

2 . Disbanded the organization, for any reason, and repaid its debts in full and if left hands apartments , sell the assets by the liquidator and the amount to be received will be transferred by him to another organization with goals identical , or similar , original purposes of the association or by another public institution , as defined in section 9 ( 2 ) income Tax Ordinance, and shall be divided among the members of the association.