Chapter I - Description of the organization

  • Name of organization :Israel Promotion Airsoft Association
  • The organization's registered address : 3 grove , Beit Berl 44905
  • Number of registered organization : 580 581 031

Chapter II . Organization's objectives


  • Encourage , develop and promote a challenging sport and a popular hobby worldwide issue the name Airsoft.
  • Organize competitions to manage and develop courses , events, tournaments, trainings, seminars , meetings , exhibitions, lectures and workshops sponsored by the association in any form and anywhere regulated allowing to do so.
  • Encourage alliances with associations , clubs and other airsoft organizations in Israel and abroad .
  • Out brochures, flyers , newsletters , brochures , training videos any kind regarding the promotion of the organization's goals and its members, whether by printing or by digital media and the Internet.
  • Take care of interests of members of the association to institutions, organizations and government agencies and municipal and to represent the members of the association to these schools , all interested association committee deems necessary , and to represent our members to any body or institution in the judgment to the association it is necessary to represent them before him, all in accordance with and subject to the purposes of the association.
  • Publish through the activities of the organization in the field of airsoft enthusiasts in Israel .
  • Introduce new members to the association.
  • Advise friends and inform them regarding airsoft equipment : Terms surety on his right transport conditions association events , recent innovations in the field above equipment including information on spare parts and upgrades, to bring to their attention in a variety of challenging activities that take place in Israel and abroad , and for that to hold the association's Web site , which will be periodically updated by the information that will come. Advise regarding the organization and holding of events and competitions , and to recommend to all someone had the appropriate infrastructure for these events.

Chapter III . Powers


  1. Association is a corporation kosher any right , duty and legal action . Without derogating from this rule , and in addition to these rules , the association will be authorized to do the following :
  2. Maintain contact with the Knesset and government offices , including the Israel Police Commission dangerous toys Ministry of Economy and other institutions in Israel and abroad , who have an interest and common goals with the goals of the organization, keep right organization to express an opinion and influence on all issues related to the goals of the organization and represent the members association to these bodies .
  3. Hold professional conferences and seminars, books , culture and participate in organizing conferences and professional courses .
  4. Publish and distribute brochures and professional publications in all communications media as required.
  5. Cooperate with international organizations , their goals are the same or closest association purposes .
  6. Negotiate with any government body , public, commercial , bank, corporation , authority , institution or fund for the purpose of obtaining funding and / or assistance in the organization and / or its members .
  7. Negotiate with any bank , body , corporation, authority , institution, foundation or any person , for the purpose of investing the funds of the association, to each financial and commercial , open accounts of any type , subject to the rules of proper management holding out , pull , accept, endorse , provide for collection , except for bills , checks and all kinds of liabilities and do those any action at law .
  8. Raise funds in any way , including registration fee , annual membership dues , fees, Assists , donations , participation and / or reimbursement of expenses .
  9. Act in any legal way for promoting the organization's goals .
  10. Hire to employees , contractors , experts and consultants in any field to show the association , both paid and voluntary.
  11. Doing any legal action that is authorized by law to make an association Associations - 1980 , which is not prohibited by law.
  12. Usually take any action and give any undertaking , necessary to achieve the organization's goals and their implementation .

Chapter IV . Membership


  • Members of the association shall be:
  • Founders are members of the association in the date of registration in the Register of Associations .
  • Individual wishes to become a member of the association shall submit to the board an application in this manner :
  • " Me ( Name , address and identity number ) seeks to be a member of the association ( organization's name ) . Goals of the association and articles of association are known to me. Whether I am accepted as a member, I pledge to uphold the provisions of the Rules and the decisions of the general meeting of the association ."
  • Decision on admission of the applicant as a member of the association or the admission is made by the board ; Committee refused to accept the applicant , he may appeal against the refusal before the next general meeting .
  • Minister to be a "friend" any person under the age of 17 years and above, who will express his desire to be accepted as a member NGOs will fill and sign the registration form and conditions (the registration form ) and which will be the following cumulative conditions :

· Minor under the age of 18 years shall provide parental approval constitute a guardian responsible photo ID of the parent confirming the accession to the association.

  • · Paid membership fee .
  • · Health signed an affidavit shall be furnished valid medical certificate renewed annually along with the annual membership fee .
  • · Approved by the membership to the association and issued a membership card within four weeks from the arrival of the request or payment to the association.
  • · The association committee reserves the right to refuse to join the ranks candidate association .
  • · The association committee reserves the right to require applicants to provide documents and / or different certificates (eg certificate of good character and Koiotz"b ) as a condition of considering the application.

Chapter VI . Discontinuation / suspension of membership


Membership will cease following the cases :

  • · The Association may refuse to accept a new member within four weeks from the date of filing the application or payment. If the annual dues paid to the association will take care of fully return them within 14 days. To the association when he refused to register an association member shall substantiate the refusal to register .
  • · Death of a member terminates membership . Note that Membership is personal and can not be for sale and / or transfer and / or rental and / or any other disposition .
  • · On leaving the association by giving written notice to the Association.
  • · If not invented , and signed an affidavit member health and / or health declaration renewed in accordance with the association.
  • · Association Committee may terminate Membership in one of the following cases :
  • · If the member did act contrary to the goals of the association .
  • · If the Member terrorist organization or violates the integrity who his friends and / or any third party .
  • · If the member association damaging the reputation or good name .
  • · If the member acted inappropriately and improper events and edicts of operators and instructors .
  • · If the Member does not comply with the requirements to the organization and / or violate the decisions , and / or regulations , whether by act or whether by default.
  • · Notice of termination will be sent in writing to the member . Member of the FATF has not returned from the association annual membership fee in full or in part.
  • · If you have not paid the annual membership fee with the requirement of the organization .
  • · Right to a hearing prior to termination
  • Friend , who received a notice of intent to terminate the membership of the association, will have the right to argue his case before the association within 21 days after the notice of intention to terminate the membership , and the organization he will explain his case and the decision within 14 days from the date received Boyfriend charged as above .

Chapter Seven: rights and duties of a member of the association


Each member entitled to vote and be elected to all our institutions , in accordance with regulations .

The principle of equality shall apply to all members of the association ( ie one member = one vote )

Any member entitled to benefit from a service or operation of the institutions of the Association.

Each member the right to participate in events , meetings , exhibitions, lectures, workshops , tutorials , seminars and courses and any other activity conducted on behalf of the association between paid and unpaid as determined by the Board .

Five . Member shall be entitled to discounts and allowances as determined with the framework of the Association by the Board .

Duties :

Each member must act and abide by decisions to the Association and the General Assembly .

Imposed on each member association 's coffers to pay the registration fee and annual membership fee , Fee as decided by the Board .

Chapter Eight: Sources of Financing :

The association 's funding sources will be as follows :

  1. Upon submission of application form for membership, the candidate shall pay registration fees , height shall be determined from time to time . Registration fee will be returned if the request is rejected .
  2. Annual membership fees as determined from time to time .
  3. Irregular income , contributions from the government , public institutions , commercial organizations and friends and those who are not members of the association .
  4. Revenues from the sale of books and professional publications , training and participation during the events of the association.
  5. Event that arises concerns about any source of income whatsoever, regarding conflict of interest or ethical , brought to this decision the attorney of the association.