MilSim Rules - MilSim Rules page 2



2.1. FC members are airsoft team taken in the prescribed manner and willing to participate in its work.

2.2. All members of the FC have the right to make charges on the agenda any questions and participate in discussions .

2.3. New teams must present at a meeting of FC . FC command is accepted by a majority vote .

2.4.Team excluded from the FC:

  • Automatically if since last collection FC held its representative calendar year;
  • Automatically , if not appeared on any game FC during the calendar year ;
  • FC majority vote .

2.5. FC members can have a voice and do not have them ( the right to have an advisory ) .

2.5.1. Suffrage: one team - one vote .

2.5.2 . Deliberative FC have the right to :

  • New team within 1 year after the adoption of their members in FC ;
  • Representatives of airsoft associations in other regions and other countries ;
  • Chapter Forum Captains Secretary, responsible for the pyrotechnics , responsible for transport, intermediaries / igrotehi orggrupp FC , ​​invited experts .

3 . INFORMATION about teams and players


3.1. Database teams - FC members and their member players FC maintained by the Registrar .

3.2. The database includes the following information :

Public info

  • Team name , city and country teams , FC status , information on participation in training camp FC , ​​information on sanctions imposed on the team ;
  • Nickname player status in the team (Commander / Private ) , information on sanctions imposed on the player
  • Personal Information
  • Player Name , contact address , information about medical contraindications .

3.3. Updating is made when registering for FC and FC when making decisions on the pitch.

3.4. Public information about the teams and players available to any player , including publication on the Internet.

3.5. Personal information from the database may be:

  • Orggruppe FC ;
  • Members of the org . Group official game .

Providing personal information to other persons is possible only with the consent of the person about whom information is available .